Our team of Tour Managers have experience in overseeing scheduling, bus logistics, private charters, press coordination, settlement, travel, and much more. A day-to-day Tour Manager will join the tour on the road and be the main point of contact for all communication with our Advance Desk and Tour Accounting team in the office. 

Tour Managers contracted by Risch Group have previously worked in concert tours, government offices, political campaigns, music festivals, and venue management. 


A proper Advance can make or break a show, and Risch Group’s dedicated Advance Desk makes sure artists and venues are always on the same page when it comes to schedule, production requirements, security, and hospitality needs.


Our proprietary software Advance has been developed entirely in-house to offer a seamless, customizable advancing experience with a venue-friendly approach. 


Our dedicated accounting team has the knowledge and experience necessary to not only meet budget requirements but minimize costs without sacrificing or cutting corners.

The Tour Accounting team works hand in hand with the artist's Business Manager and Label to create financial road reports updated daily during a tour. If a penny gets spent or earned - it will be reflected on the road report.